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Women’s group launches agitation against reservation Bill New Delhi, 26 November (this tors): The National Federation of Indian (NFIW) Tuesday launched a 21-day agitation demanding Women’s Reservation Bill has accelerated in parliament, after rising crimes against women in the country. I Read more on rel = “nofollow” href = “″>

Weekend DUI Patrols Glendale, Salt River Reservation Near Scottsdale Saturday, November 23: The West Valley DUI Task Force saturation patrols at 6:00 to 4:00 in Glendale. Address listed in the church at 67 Avenue between Deer Valley Road and Happy Valley Road. Tip: I 11 … Read more about
is Lakota wind marathoners restraints a year later than they had planned, five runners from Lakota people and the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota finally got to run the New York Marathon on Sunday, his power of thinking and the crowd, even if wind and pounding … I Read more about